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Top 10 Helpful Techniques for Image Optimization to Get Search Ranking

Images are a core element of your websites, and attractive images play a crucial role for user attention. But many sites fail to optimize their images. Not only can image optimization increase load times, but it can also improve search engine visibility.

Benefits of Image Optimization

  • Image optimization for good Google Ranking and website page speed
  • For Better Google crawling and image search
  • Google can’t read text on your image
  • Images take much time to load and many images can increase website loading time or bounce rate so avoid image as possible.

Image Optimization Techniques

  • Image Size: – Your website image size should be small because the small-sized image loads fast.
  • Image Color Resolution: – Image high color resolution should be less as possible because high resolution means large pixels and large pixels mean large size. You can use image optimization tool and also help to reduce page loading time.
  • Image Name: – Image name is important for image search so save your image in the proper way. Never save your web image as 01.png, xyz.png
  • Image Alt Tag: – Google never crawl your image. For Google better image search result use relevant keywords in html alt tag.
  • Image Dimension: – Always fix your website image dimension because it can improve your website page speed. Fix your width and height as requirement.
  • Image File Extension or Format: – Always save your image with JPEG, PNG and GIF extensions or format. Google support these formats and they are also helpful to reduce image size. Expert says JPEG is best.
  • GIF Format – Best for animation image
  • PNG Format – Best for high resolution image
  • JPEG Format – Good for both animation and high resolution image
  • Image Sitemap: – For better image search result. Create an image sitemap and submit to Google spider.
  • Decorative Image: – Don’t use alt tag for decorative images because they are not relevant and only used for appealing. Use CSS styling as much as possible to replace any decorative images.
  • Responsive: – Responsive web design can improve your website ranking and search. Build the mobile website first, improve readability for mobile website and use relevant images size.
  • Base64 image: – Use base64 encode for logo image or first image to get better website speed. It converts simple image into binary code.

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